Four-in-Hand Club




1.         Name.     The name of the club is the “Four-in-Hand Club.”

2.         Purpose.   The purpose of the club is to promote driving of fours for pleasure, to preserve the historical and cultural traditions of coaching, and to share the experience with others in the hope of focusing more interest in this great sport. The club sponsors and organizes drives and other coaching related events and is assisted by its sister organization, “Friends of the Four-in-Hand Club.”


3.         Membership.


3.1              Membership is open to all Four-in-Hand owners, nationally and    

internationally. Before a person is approached on the subject of membership, the Executive Committee must first agree to such approach being made.    


3.2              A potential member or associate member must be proposed by an existing member and seconded by another. Admission is subject to approval by a majority of the Executive Committee.


3.3              A majority of the Executive Committee may in their absolute discretion expel from membership any member who, in its opinion, is unfit to remain a member. 


3.4              A person ceasing to be a member forfeits all rights to the club and its fund and has no right of the return of any part of his/her annual dues payment.


4.         Dues.   Dues of $150.00 per year for members and $50.00 for associate members must be paid on January 1st each year or upon admission to membership.


5.                Executive Committee. 


5.1       The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Club: Chairman, President, Secretary/Treasurer and Chairman of the Executive Committee. Other directors may be selected as determined by the membership. The maximum shall not exceed a total of nine Directors.  


5.2       The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall preside over Executive Committee meetings at the direction of the Chairman and President and shall carry out the edicts of the committee, i.e., enforcement of rules.   


5.3       A quorum for conducting Club business shall be five (5) persons.



5.4       The Executive Committee shall act as the planning committee and the nominating committee for the selection of new officers. The Executive Committee has responsibility for enforcing Club bylaws, rules, and regulations.


5.5       Terms of office for members of the Executive Committee shall be two years, and members may succeed themselves.


6.                Annual Meetings.     The annual meeting of members shall be held at a date and

location determined by the Executive Committee, and written notice of said meeting will be mailed to each Club member at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting date.


7.        Treatment of Animals and Conduct of Members.    The Club requires its

membership to adhere to a common set of rules pertaining to safety, care of animals, and gentlemanly conduct.


8.         Use of Club Funds.    Club funds and accounts will be maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Committee may spend Club funds in any way it sees fit in accordance with the objectives of the Club. Accounts shall be audited by such person(s) as the Executive Committee may decide, and a financial report shall be made to the membership at each annual meeting.


9.         Dissolution.    In the event of the dissolution of the club, the funds and assets of the Corporation shall be delivered and paid over to a charitable organization agreed upon by the majority of the Executive Committee.



10.       Amendments.    Bylaws may be amended with the concurrence of a majority of the full membership and two-thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee.